Developing consistent, confident, profitable and independent retail day traders.

My experience has been amazing! The amount of knowledge I have gained over these past 2 months is awesome! I really love the patience that Neil has displaced with us, and the relationship we have formed! I couldn't be more excited and humbled to be apart of this!!

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Experience Empowerment and Position Yourself to Generate Wealth for Generations to Come


By Founder Cornelious Wilson Brown lll

Cornelious Wilson Brown III is a widely sought out speaker for conference keynotes, workshops and seminars. His subject matter knowledge as well as his engaging personality and entertaining approach often leave audiences captivated, impressed, excited, motivated, informed, inspired, hopeful, happy, encouraged and eager to take the necessary action so as to reposition themselves for the future that they truly deserve.


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...and build a legacy to pass down wealth for generations to come. It's not enough to reach your short term and long term goals, make the decision to position yourself to pass down your earnings to reach your new generational goals. 

Money Market Edge’s mission is to develop consistent, confident, profitable and independent retail day traders by providing participants with courses that will empower and position them to build a legacy and pass down wealth for generations to come.

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Most trading companies talk about how to trade. We actually teach you how to trade by implementing strategies that help you cultivate your trading skills.

Money Market Edge Is Different

We teach traders seeking hands-on instruction by combining our methodology and strategies into our unique education technology environment. In this environment, you'll learn how to use software tools that will assist you in learning when and how to identify reliable support and resistance in regards to intraday Futures trading.

Participants gain knowledge on how to apply technical analysis and the futures intraday trading strategy of engaging Commodities/Futures market via online training. Teaching, Coaching and training is facilitated by our experienced commodities trading team who has trading experience in other fields such as: stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds, forex, precious metals, energy, grains, etc. This program is suitable for both novice and advanced traders.

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Our participants work very hard to achieve their financial goals. If you want to get results like theirs, you have to do the same.

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